Gamuda Land and Crema Constructions break ground at The Canopy on Normanby

20 July 2023

by Urban

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Crema will be coming on board to assist Gamuda Land achieve its sustainably-led energy solutions at the project, bringing with it some Melbourne-first innovations.

Construction has now commenced on one of Fishermans Bend's most sustainable developments.
Developer Gamuda Land has appointed Crema Constructions for its 20-level apartment development, The Canopy on Normanby.

Jarrod Tai, General Manager of Gamuda Land in Australia said they chose Crema due to the complex needs of the build, particularly when bringing some Melbourne-first innovations to life.
"Its outstanding reputation in the industry aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering world-class sustainably led projects.

"Crema’s unrivalled knowledge of the local Fishermans Bend area and the conditions of the site further solidified our decision to appoint them. We are confident that this collaboration will result in a remarkable development that surpasses the expectations of the community."

Working alongside the team at Gamuda Land, Crema will develop a ground source heat pump, installed within the building's foundation piles. The innovative technology will store and pull thermal energy from underground to reduce power bills and provide sustainable energy for the building.

Never before seen in a Melbourne residential setting, the ground source heat pump will allow the team the opportunity to further develop it while providing social and financial benefits to occupants not found in other developments.

Crema brings with them a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in the construction industry.

Known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality craftsmanship.

Crema’s in-house team is bolstered by accredited professionals experienced in design optioneering to test the embodied carbon & operational carbon implications of different solutions. Utilising early engagement within the design process will allow the team to target the optimisation of key trade packages representing significant carbon contributions to the building.

To further complement the project’s sustainability focus, Crema will utilise its in-house concrete supplier,

Piave Premix Concrete, who have developed green concrete mixes to inject the same levels of sustainability in each foundational facet of the development.

The site was purchased by Gamuda Land in 2022 for $24 million and will bring Melbourne-first sustainable initiatives to the forefront. Earlier this year, Gamuda Land Australia appointed Mann as the demolition contractor on the project to assist the developer in safely and efficiently dismantling the existing structures onsite.

Mann was tasked with working to a 95 per cent recycled materials target. To ensure this could be met, Mann incorporated meticulous measurement processes, tracking all materials that leave the site on a per-tonne basis and carefully monitoring which materials go to landfill and which direct to recycling facilities.

Mann aims for a 100 per cent recycling rate across all its projects in line with its strong commitment to environmental consciousness. The demolition contractor actively contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution.

This commitment directly aligns with the work that Gamuda Land is setting out to achieve across its numerous projects and is a major reason why the group was appointed, all underpinned by its distinct sustainability and conservation principles.

The Canopy on Normanby marks the second time Gamuda Land and Crema have collaborated, previously delivering the developer's inaugural Melbourne project, 661 Chapel Street. The development went on to win best Commercial & Residential Design at Architectural Design’s 2019 Good Design Awards.


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