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28 August 2023

by The Edge

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Amidst the mature township south of Kota Kemuning lies twentyfive7, an integrated self-sustained township that beckons the promise of a vibrant, thriving community. Gamuda Land's development principles are evident everywhere, fostering a harmonious blend of innovative placemaking and meaningful connections among its residents.

twentyfive7's general manager, Suzan Ong said, "Building on our legacy of Kota Kemuning, twentyfive7 is intended to complement the maturity of the surrounding community. When we designed the masterplan for twentyfive7, we are mindful to stay true to our development principle of 'when we get the places right, the town works'. We have created a township which is vibrant yet has that community feel, able to offer ease and convenience to residents and more importantly for it to be a self-sustained development."

With that, Gamuda Land mindfully thought through the home place, the shopping place, park place, learning place, and more, ensuring that all these elements were carefully laid out, by ensuring the residential precincts are well-connected to these places and could be reached by walking or cycling.

To create that sense of community for twentyfive7, Gamuda Land first completed the Quayside, an outdoor park area in the heart of the township where people can congregate, where neighbours can get to know one another, where families can spend quality time outdoor with their pets. Careful thoughts were put into the landscape and waterscape design, the types of native trees to plant as well as the types of family-friendly activities that are available at Quayside such as the Waterfront Superfly, Carousel, Flamingo Pedal Boat, and the Solar Express Train Ride.

twentyfive7 is designed to be a self-sustained, vibrant township that has a community feel." - Ong
Next, the developer added Quayside Mall. The mall is designed to open up to the 7-acre Quayside to have that seamless experience from indoor to outdoor. It fosters a delightful atmosphere with its pet-friendly park.

When the mall officially opened in 2020, it was timely to cater to twentyfive7's first group of residents who took vacant possession of their home at Lucent Residence at the same time. It is to provide ready conveniences and amenities to its residents.

Since then, twentyfive7 has grown to be a vibrant community where the mall and the Quayside has become popular hang-out spots for its surrounding community, including for those from Kota Kemuning and Klang. twentyfive7 has also delivered The Amber Residences, Quayside Shoppes and Luxura homes. Today, more than 33 F&B outlets can be found at Quayside Mall and Quayside Shoppes, ranging from restaurants to services.

To enhance overall experience for the community, Ong shared that plans are in motion for Quay District, a commercial development aimed at filling in the commercial and retail gaps in the vicinity. Planned for multi-level education centres, wellness specialist centres, waterfront retail and F&B restaurants, Quay District will undoubtedly elevate the living experience at twentyfive7.

"Plans for Quay District took into consideration the offerings of the surrounding townships where we looked at how we could fill in the gaps to truly complement what our neighbouring developments have to offer. All in all, we fall back to our vision for twentyfive7 - elements that are mindfully planned to make a place that people will want to be a part of, can grow up and grow old in." says Ong.

Newly launched biophilic homes
Ong continued, "You will see the integration with nature extending to the home design - where we have applied biophilic home design principles to our products." She highlighted Levane Residences, a Green Building Index (GBI) certified project that has a seamless harmony of green features.

These linked homes have large windows that encourage abundant natural light on the first floor, ventilation block screens to maximise air ventilation without compromising privacy, and high ceilings that maximises space are among the few passive green designs of Levane Residences. The flexible design of the rooms caters to the diverse needs of residents at every stage of life, ensuring that Levane Residences truly stands the test of time.

A host of active green designs include solar panel-ready roof structure, environmentally preferred flooring, water-efficient sanitary wares and fittings, solar reflective index roof that reduce heat internally and others.

Ong shared, "The guest room on the ground floor is accessible to the backyard. Not only does it cater to the elderly's convenience for daily exercise and outdoor connection, but it also offers flexible usage, serving as a secondary kitchen, a dining area, a home office or even a playroom for children. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that residents can enjoy their homes to the fullest without the worry of future renovation works."

Stepping outside the confines of the home, one is greeted by verdant green spaces encircling Levane Residences. A linear green landscape garden at the rear of each home replaces the conventional tarred back lanes that often lay dormant. Made purposeful, it now becomes an oasis of gatherings, play, and neighbourly camaraderie.

Recently launched on 19th August, Levane Residences comprises 368 units of double-storey linked homes with five types of layouts with built-up sizes ranging from 1,999 sq ft to 2,983 sq ft. Levane Residences saw a take-up rate of 50% during its launch event.

Well-connected township
twentyfive7 is easily accessible via five major expressways such as South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE), Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS), Kemuning-Shah Alam Highway (LKSA) and the upcoming West Coast Expressway (WCE). It is also in close proximity to Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang and Puchong which makes it more convenient to travel to other parts of Klang Valley.

Ong concluded, "Indeed, twentyfive7 has woven a captivating tapestry of community, sustainability, and well-being. It's a living experience that truly celebrates life in all its forms -where young families grow and thrive, where elders find comfort and joy, and where neighbours become friends for a lifetime."


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