Earn Points For Recycling

1.1 The following individuals are eligible to participate in this Programme (“Eligible Participants”):-

  • a. Malaysians or expatriates residing in Malaysia, who are 18 years of age and above at the time of entry into the Programme;
  • b. GL Lifestyle mobile app user

Only Eligible Participants who fulfil the conditions under this Clause 1.2 are eligible to participate in this Programme.

1.2 Membership and Members’ entitlement to membership benefits and privileges of the Programme, including the redemption of Points and Rewards, shall be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Approval and grant of membership shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Gamuda Land.

1.4 Each Eligible Participant shall only hold one (1) valid membership account only as a Member at any one time. Each member will be issued a form of Membership Identification which Gamuda Land deems fit.

1.5 Gamuda Land reserves the right to reject additional or multiple accounts if Gamuda Land determines in its sole and absolute discretion that the applications are made by the same person.

1.6 The application of membership under the Programme is FREE from any charges. Notwithstanding this, Gamuda Land reserves the right to apply any charges and membership fees at any time as it deems fit.

2. Awarding and Redemption of Points and Rewards

The awarding and redemption of points will be awarded to the Members as per the following:-

2.1 Awarding of Points:

Papers 1kg = 1 point

Cloth 1kg = 1 points

E-waste 1kg = 2 points

Cans 1kg = 4 points

2.2 Redemption of Points:

100 points = RM1

2.3 An Account must be in good standing upon the time of awarding or redemption of Points as follows:-

  • a. the Account has sufficient Points for redemption;
  • b. the Account is not deactivated
  • c. the Account is not blacklisted; and
  • d. the Account is not under investigation for any fraudulent transactions.

2.4 Points can be redeemed once they are credited into the Account.

2.5 Gamuda Land shall be disclaimed for any delay in the posting of the transactions, the accrual and/or accumulation of the Points.

2.6 Points earned are not exchangeable for cash and cannot be converted to cash.

2.7 The points shall automatically expire and become invalid upon expiry of twelve (12) months from the date of transaction (“Expiry Date”). Members are encouraged to redeem their accumulated points before the Expiry Date.

3.1 A Member must utilise his/her points in full on the voucher redemption, subject to the compliance with the procedures for redemption in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Gamuda Land reserves the right to suspend a transaction and/or reallocate, recalculate, reverse or adjust the points or take any necessary action, with or without any notice in the event that Gamuda Land has a reasonable ground to suspect that the points were awarded, earned or redeemed fraudulently or in error.

3.3 Any accepted redemption shall not be cancelled and the redeemed Rewards are not exchangeable for cash and non-returnable unless otherwise stated. Any dispute concerning goods and services received as Rewards shall be settled between the Member and the Merchant, service establishment and/or supplier, from which the goods or services were purchased. Gamuda Land will bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes, or for the dispute itself.